Guestbook is a forum for Steven's fans to leave him a message. Steven loves to hear from his fans. The Guestbook provides fans a great opportunity to leave Steven an encouraging message before and after races or just to say hello.


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Cozza Guestbook

Hilary Anne from Kailua Hawaii wrote at April 29, 2013:
Steven, I just wanted to say your life and story is amazing. We just learned about you in my sociology class and I must say you are an inspiration. I served in the Navy and volunteered as much as I could in all the countries. Even through all the wars and troubles country to country... I too wanted to see change and people being treated fairly, and true justice. I hope that I can raise my children to be just as courageous as you were at such a young age. Truly amazing! Thank you for all you have fought for and continue to fight for, God Bless you!
Niels W. ?Pemberton from Reston VA wrote at April 11, 2013:
Like u I'm an Eagle Scout. I support Scouting for All because I've been discriminated against due to a mild disability. The BSA has not behaved according to the Scout Law. I'm also against the
"Christian" Right because FORCING values on people who may want them is not Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Hindu or Buddhist ! Keep on fighting ! Let's return the BSA to the Scouts and away from bigoted old priests ~
Shane Morris from Antioch, CA wrote at April 30, 2012:
Hey Steven,
I just came here to say that as an eagle scout and an active scouter since I was 5 (I am now 18) I have supported scouting for all for since hearing of it from a friend. I've struggled with religion for a long time and finally came to the conclusion that I was an atheist. It wasn't until I talked to my scoutmaster (and long time friend and mentor,) about my religious views that I learned about the BSA's bigotry. Frankly I was appalled. Anyway I was at the Scouting for all website and linked over to here just to discover your child health advocacy and realized that your my new hero! Thank you for your awesomeness and I hope that your health improves and you are able to resume your career and resume your fight to end the BSA's bigotry.
Dan L. from Montreal, Canada wrote at February 28, 2012:
Just read about your fight with colitis. I have had that disease for 30 years, I know first hand it can be controlled successfully by understanding the triggers that causes you to be sick and mostly by knowing when to stop putting pressure on yourself. Retirement was probably a though decision for you although badly needed as part of your recovery process. I have learned to coexist with the disease to a point were I can control it over 95% of the time by listening to the triggers and controlling it's effects. You can lead a very normal life. Who knows, maybe you can go back to a competitive life!

Good luck!
David Pratt from Canastota NY wrote at February 27, 2012:
Just read about your retirement. Sorry to see you go, but glad to see your priorities are in order and you're going to focus on your health!

Remember, this is not an "end", but a "change".

Get well, be well and thanks for the exciting racing!

Hope to see you involved in cycling, in some context in the future.
Larry Tajiri from Rocklin, CA wrote at February 27, 2012:
Steven: I just read about your retirement. I'm wondering if you've tried any natural cures. I see an eastern medicine/ accurpuncturist and have had great results. I used to have intense abdominal pain. I hope it helps Larry
Cameron Wilkinson from United States wrote at February 27, 2012:
Just saw your retirement intentions. BOL to you in all of your future endeavors.
Whitty Bike Apparel from Houston, Tx wrote at February 4, 2012:
Just spoke with your father, Scott and wanted to send my well wishes plus encouragement to your god son, Brody. Your heart and focus in in the right place. Whitty Bike supports all your efforts. Its all for the kids!
Ben from Sacramento, Ca wrote at October 5, 2011:
Hey Steven,

Just watched a video about you and your early days in Scouting for All for one of my anthropology classes at Sac State. Glad to see you are still doing great things.
Tony from California wrote at May 11, 2011:
Hey Cozza,
Will miss you in the Tour of California. Roberto says you should try MMS to get rid of your intestine problems. You can try visiting the guy directly in Brussels, Belgie. Here's the blog on it:
See ya!
Tony Leal May 10 at 6:59pm
Steve Cozza isn't participating in the Tour of California due to some kind of Intestine infection, causing him to have a yeast infection in his intestines. What's the stuff that you would recommend? Roberto Valenzuela May 10 at 7:13pm Report Roberto Valenzuela May 10 at 7:14pm Report
Unfortunately, as the guy says in the video starting at 03:35, it depends on the type of yeast. Roberto Valenzuela May 10 at 7:18pm Report
Best place to buy it is at ... but rather than a 1:5 drop as in the next video I'm going to give you, I buy the 1:1 drops. If you want, I can post a video to show you how I prepare the mix.
Share Roberto Valenzuela May 10 at 7:18pm Report
Rob from Georgia, USA wrote at May 10, 2011:
Glad to know you're on the mend and fired up about returning to form over the next couple of months. Look forward to seeing you back in the peloton! Big thanks to NetApp for their support.
Peter from Sweden wrote at April 27, 2011:
Hi Steven! I´m a great fan of yours and I´m following your racing. I miss you in the peleton and I´m wondering why? You are such a talent and I hope you will find your legs in the upcoming races. Tour of California I guess?
Peter from Sweden wrote at April 27, 2011:
Hi Steven! I´m following your races, but miss the big results so far. I know you have a lot of talent and hope you will find your best shape again soon. What´s your opinion about the season so far and what about your upcoming races? Never give up!
Peter wrote at April 12, 2011:
What´s up Steven? I expected some good racing from you on the cobbles, but you maybe faced some problems, or? Anyway, back in the saddle and keep up the spirit. We believe in you!

Steven's reply "I've been fighting a GI problem now going on for some time. It has its ups and downs. For some reason recently it's been hell this year. After many tests, treatments, diets, suppliments, people telling me it was in my head, I just found out I've been diagnosed with a GI parasite and a secondary yeast infection that can be treated and cured with medicine. So I'm off to the doctor for my treatments. I'm now focused 100% on getting well again. There will be more Paris Roubaixs, more races in my future, but not until I get well again. It's been a tough 3 years of many ups and downs, of false hopes, let downs and witnessing those that turned their backs on me. Yesterday at the stroke of 12 a new doctor I found provided me a diagnostic test that came up positive for a pretty mean parasite and yest infection. This doctor was like and angel from heaven. Finally finding out the cause of my GI problems was like finding out there really is a man on the moon. It was something I was beginning to believe that would never happen. My dream was fading of being able to race again at the level I know I can. So now I will fight this parasite and yeast infection with everything I have with the help of my new doctor and my new Team NetApp who supports me 100%. My plan is to overcome this Mt Everest of an obsticle so I can get back on my bike again and "Race for Kids."
Scott Cozza from Petaluma, California, USA wrote at March 26, 2011:
Steven, you race your bike as you continue to race against the odds. You face each race with a heavy burden. I want you to know you have nothing to prove on the bike. Because you are a champion in life and as a man.

love you buddy
Gene Berman wrote at March 17, 2011:
Congrats on the finish of a great coloring book. I know how long you all have been at it and how proud you must all be to have such a great thing to share with the children of the world.

Well done!

Gene Berman
Gene Berman wrote at February 19, 2011:
"Steven you are a rare, generous spirit with incredible values and consciousness – the product of terrific parenting and a work ethic like I’ve never known in a young man your age."

Gene Berman
Scott Cozza wrote at February 3, 2011:
Steven have a blast this racing season 2011. I'll be cheering for you and your Team NetApp. As you said in a recent interview in the "...go into battle as one and leave no man behind except for the competition." Have fun! Love you buddy - Dad
Jed wrote at October 25, 2010:
Congratulations on the race wins and all of your marvelous accomplishments. I was as delighted as I could be when I first read about you and Scouting for All. Are you still active in that?
Johan Van Raemdonck from Germany,Aachen wrote at September 27, 2010:
Hi Steven! Congratulation on your move to your new team Net .App.I just signed up for the newsletter to be informed about what the team is doing. I live in Aachen which is only 15 km from Kelmis the head office of Nett. App.I do know Jens Heppner very well as a great pro ridder.Wishing you all the best and some great results with your new team!! Also hoping to meet you some time when you are in the neer Aachen or during one of the races in my area.Last time we met was the UCI Worltchampionsships in Salzburg,2006.All the best and never give up!! Kind regards,Johan PS. This year I rode "La Marmotte" in France,174 Km and 5000 level metres,though race I can tell you.Next year I would like to ride , Milano- San Remo (300 Km).