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In the face of adversity, Steven says, “Never give up.” He has lived by that saying most of his life. Steven had to train hard to achieve his place in the peloton, as an elite cyclist. To stay at that level as a professional, he continues to train by riding several hundred miles each week on his bike.

Clif Bar "Has always been there for me."

As a child, Steven overcame a learning disability that kept him from learning to read. He was put in a special class and worked very hard to overcome that disability. Now he loves to read. His favorite books are adventure, survival and motivational books. As a 12 year old Life Scout, he took a stand against the Boy Scouts of America because that organization discriminated against his gay and atheist friends. Gay and Atheist kids and adults are not allowed in Scouting or are kicked out because of their sexual orientation and or atheist belief. By taking that stand, he helped gay kids who were rejected, being made fun of and sometimes beaten up and or killed. He took this courageous stand for no personal gain except to maintain his own sense of integrity. Steven eventually at age 13 became an Eagle Scout.

Now as a professional cyclist he hopes to inspire youth to “never give up” and to reach for their dreams with passion. He also hopes to use his cycling career to “Race for Kids” (Refer to Steven’s Race for Kids Fan Club), who are disadvantaged in the world because of poverty, physical or mental disabilities, being discriminated against, victims of war or natural disasters or other life circumstances beyond their control.

Steven is available for:

  • Product Endorsements
  • Speaking Engagements: fundraisers for children’s charities and junior cyclist programs
    (100% of speaking fees go to children’s charity/program)
  • Commercials and Advertising Opportunities
  • Modeling
  • News Media Interviews
  • Cycling Media Interviews
  • Professional and Personal Appearances

Mailing Address

Steven Cozza
PO Box 2752
Petaluma, CA 94953
Message: 707-328-9767

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